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Some of my cars!

TR7 Lancia Cavalier

This TR7 was purchased in the early ninties for 600 and with minor repairs was sold 2 months later for 1000 via an add in practical classics.

The Lancia 2.0i HPE was a former Dr's car and was purchased in Billericay in the mid nineties. Great car but a complete maze under the bonnet. Sold 6 months later for same price as I paid for it.

This Vauxhall MK1 Cavalier 1600gls sportshatch was a car I owned for 5 years in between other cars. Was eventually traded in for a MK2 Cavlier SRI at a backstreet dealers in Romford."

SRi BMW Mercedes Benz

This is the SRI I traded my other Cavalier in for. Good car and very fast but looked liked evey other cavlier on the road.

This MK1 BMW 320 was a 400 special lasted for it's years MOT before being sold for spares for 100. Pretty quick though specially when the throttle linkage stuck open!"

A classic the Merc 190 this car was perfect, one owner low mileage, 2.0l auto with all the extras...............shame it was brown.