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As a Cooperative we do not advertise for or recruit staff but have grown by like minded individuals with complimentary skills seeking to work with us in a creative and mutually supportive environment.

We do not have written policies governing recruitment or employment, however, the practice is a member of the cooperative movement a requirement of which is to follow the principles of equality and fairness.

If you feel you would be interested in joining us we do not provide salaried posts, gauranteed work or a bureacratic organisation. You must be environmentally minded and place environmental ethics before personal gain

We do other the opportunity as an associate to get support on work or projects that are too much for an indivdual to take on. Allow associates to run their own consultancies although you must be prepared to combine this with support to the cooperative. Depending on your skill base assist Cooperative members in project , consultancy work and delivering training courses. We respect and encourage Life work balance. Memebers are paid for work completed for the Cooperative on a monthly basis under the PAYE scheme. End of year bonuses are paid at the end of every tax year.